Javier Petralanda
Javier Petralanda
Professor of social sciences and member of Gea. Speaker of the International Meeting on Water Ecology, lecturer and trainer and author of the book "Dowsing and Geobiology. Practice of personal sensitivity ".
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The conscious feeling requires the development of new organs of soul perception that are there, that we all have, although somewhat atrophied due to the cultural context in which we live.

Radiesthesia opens us to an immense world of possibilities that are beyond the apparent and in which the radiesthetic instruments will be necessary support elements, but not always essential.
January 26 and 27, 2019 see all dates
Member price: 80.00€
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  • Learn to observe, perceive, feel and interpret the energy environment in which we move. Find clear subjective references that strengthen our security in the practice of radiesthesic instruments.
  • Detect through sensory perception the information that comes from non-visible elements of our environment
  • Work with different radiesthetic instruments conceived as an extension of our feeling.

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  • Need for a coherent attitude when approaching the dowsing phenomenon.
  • The radiesthetic resonance. Awareness exercises with natural elements.
  • Feel the space that surrounds us differentiating them from other nearby spaces.
  • Practices with the pendulum: Basic movements. Observation and self observation with polarity and color exercises.
  • Water currents: approximation from the physical and mood. Look and "see" a stream. Practice with rods and pendulum in the search for water from self observation.
  • Faults and fissures: approximation from the physical and mood. Look and "see" a flaw or fissure. Practice with rods and pendulum in the search for faults or fissures from self observation.
  • The Hartmann network: approximation from the physical and soul feeling. Conscious use of the lobe.
  • Sensitivity practice: The radiesthetic work with its own emotional impacts and also with those that come from abroad.
  • Approach to telerradiestesia.
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