Tomás Fernández: Nurse and Postgraduate in Naturist Medicine from the University of Zaragoza.
Specialist in geobiology and integrative nursing
Silvia Galindo: Biologist, Educator and Holistic Therapist.
Specialist in Kinesiology.
Professor of the Master of Holistic Nursing at the University of Murcia and various training courses in Kinesiology and Geobiology at the Official Nursing Schools
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  • Geobiology
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Kinesiology is a discipline that allows to obtain the information of a human being from all possible aspects, physical, chemical, energetic, subtle, etc., by means of a simple muscular test. It is therefore an essential tool to use when prospecting a place, especially to use it as a tool, with the users of the place or building that is prospected, as a way to corroborate an information or obtain additional information.

During the day will be practices by groups or couples.
29.30 and March 31, 2019 see all dates
Member price: 80.00€ / Non member price 150.00€
No. of atendees: 30

Friday 29:
Arrival from 7 pm, accommodation, talk on Sacred Geometry and dinner held in the house itself, discussion between the participants in the course and the teachers.

Saturday 30:
9 am to 10 am, breakfast at the cottage

10:00 a.m.
What is Kinesiology and what is it based on?
* Holistic Health Concept.
* Origins of Kinesiology.
* Applied Kinesiology. Practices

12:30 to 14 h
The muscular tests. Different forms of Testing in Kinesiology. Practices applied to geobiology.

4pm to 4pm, lunch at the rural house, paella by Juan Carlos Carrión

16 to 20 h
Holistic Kinesiology from the Feeling.
The AR test.
Applied Kinesiology to Geobiology.
Holistic kinesiology practices applied to geobiology.

Sunday 31
10 to 14 h
Practice workshop by groups integrating the knowledge acquired. Application to geobiology.
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