Dr. Enric Aulí
Dr. Enric Aulí
Extraordinary prize of Pharmacy degree, PhD in Pharmacy, Diploma in Health, Diploma in Industrial Hygiene, Master in Environmental Engineering, PDD by IESE and Masters in Philosophy of Contemporary Thought by the UB. He is currently studying the Master of Advanced Studies in History of Art. Associate Professor at the Higher Technical School of Building of Barcelona (UPC), manager of Projectes Naturals and director of the ecological hotel Can Gasparó, and consultant of sustainable construction of Construmat.
Xavier Perarnau: He has studied Anthropology and Philosophy. A lover of the arts and the mountain, he deepens and promotes knowledge and activities in relation to the Nature, Art and Spirituality triad in resonance with the conception of Ecosophy or Spiritual Ecology.
Silvia Gili: Degree in Biology and philosophy. Master in naturopathy and alternative medicine, and in food and nutrition. Training in phytotherapy, scientific aromatherapy, mindfulness, coaching, guidance and interpretation of heritage. Responsible for training and public use of the Sèlvans Association.
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"Nature is the reflection of the Universal Spirit so that knowing the laws of Nature, we can know the laws of the Universal Spirit" (RW Emerson).

But our knowledge of Nature is limited since from the time of Aristotle we perceive it only from our five senses, without attending to the perception of the subtle energies, energies that in GEA we know well. Without the perception of subtle energies, we have a limited knowledge of Nature and therefore of Spirituality. This is the guiding thread of the Days.
2 and 3 March 2019 see all dates
Member price: 60.00€ / Non member price 90.00€
No. of atendees: 60
In the first session, Dr. Enric Aulí will present the knowledge of Spirituality through the subtle energies of Nature, as well as the subtle energies channeled through Art. Examples collected in a recent trip to Japan, of the Shinto religion in which the "gods" are energies of nature will be presented.

The second presentation, by Xavier Perarnau, will deal with the conceptions of ecophilosophy and deep ecology, as well as the cosmovisions of spiritual ecology: from conceptions that at least go beyond conventional ecology (not anthropocentric, balance within the unit) to the philosophies that come from the different spiritual traditions.

The third presentation by Silvia Gili will take place in a forest where through its subtle energies will be experienced with the healing properties of forest baths, and the reasons for this effect will be argued.

Auditorium of the Col.lectiu Ronda

10.00 - 11.30 Art, nature and spirituality (Dr. Enric Aulí)

Nature as a reflection of the Universal Spirit.

Art as a way to the Universal Spirit

How to connect with nature-spirituality?

The experience of German and English romantics, American transcendentalists and Japanese Shintoism (images will be available to accompany the presentation.


12.00-13.30 Nature, the Aristotelian senses and radiesthesia (Dr.Enric Aulí)

Scientific-philosophical theory on the basis of radiesthesia

Video presentation Therapeutic experiences of the forest bath

Discussion with the assistants. Moderator Enric Aulí

16.00-17.30 Deep ecology and spiritual ecology (Xavier Perarnau)

Ecofilosofia and Ecosofia through the thought of Raimon Panikkar, Arne Naess, Henryk Skolimosvski, Hossein Nasr and others.

17,30 - 17,45 Break

17,45-18,45 Discussion with the assistants, Moderator Xavier Perarnau


10.00 - 12.00 Baths of nature and health (Silvia Gili) (provisional

12.00, Final discussion Among all speakers and attendees
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