Javier Petralanda
Javier Petralanda
Professor of social sciences and member of Gea. Speaker of the International Meeting on Water Ecology, lecturer and trainer and author of the book "Dowsing and Geobiology. Practice of personal sensitivity ".
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Insofar as Geobiology places us before phenomena that transcend the merely physical to delve into the psychic, it is necessary to develop other complementary ways, also dowsing, to approach these phenomena of a more subtle nature to which we will have access from conscious feeling. Feeling, then, to understand what reality presents to us is going to be the axis on which our work will pivot.
June 6 and 7, 2020 see all dates
Member price: 80.00€
No. of atendees: 30
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· Exercise observing without judgment what our senses show.
· Become aware of our physical and emotional sensations derived from dowsing practices with instruments
· Using our body as an antenna and being open to the perceptions that come to us from the environment: shapes, materials, colors, sounds, geobiological changes, etc. as a previous step to the dowsing act.

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· Analyze the emotional attitudes with which we approach the dowsing phenomenon.
· Carry out practical exercises with dowsing instruments, on colors, shapes and natural elements.
· Feeling and subsequently evaluating the space in which we find ourselves, differentiating them from the surrounding spaces.
· Distinguish between "looking" and "seeing" in the presence of geobiological changes. Draw conclusions.
· Feeling spaces of alteration on house plans made to scale on the ground.
· Work on the Hartmann network. Approach from the physical and emotional feeling. Consciously use the Hartmann lobe.
· Approach to tele-dowsing.
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