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Sick house syndrome

contaminación interior
Radiation affects the nervous and immune systems.
New technologies have completely changed our ecosystem. We have experienced unprecedented advances in our lives, and not only have they affected our lives, but they have also affected our habitat, incorporating many comforts and advantages, and on the other hand, they have introduced complications and disadvantages.
  • We are living and working in very closed and artificial spaces. The electrical installations with lines run through the ceilings of our offices, the walls and the floor. Multiple plugs without an adequate ground connection.
  • Telecommunications facilities such as internet via wifi, cordless telephones. Installations that generate High and Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, artificial radiations and electromagnetic pollution.
  • Offices with very tight enclosures, mechanical air conditioning and ventilation, ventilation ducts and poor maintenance mean that ventilation is deficient and that indoor air is not renewed.

We spend two thirds of our lives in interior spaces, and these are the scope of study of Biohabitability, the interior spaces of buildings, homes, workplaces, offices, for being places where we spend these two thirds of our lives and, therefore, those that most affect our health.

The most dangerous of these interior spaces in which we spend so much time, are the Electromagnetic Fields that produce, precisely, the consequences of technological advances.

Some studies indicate that 60-70% of diseases may have a relationship with the housing in which they live.

These Electromagnetic Fields can be of Low Frequency, produced by electrical installations, or of High Frequency, coming from wireless technologies such as telephony antennas, mobile telephones, cordless telephones and Wi-Fi.
The effects of exposure to these Electromagnetic Fields depend on the frequency of the radiation and the intensity of the field, and the alterations that can occur are:
  • Effects on fertility and reproduction
  • Brain tumors
  • Vascular, blood pressure and cardiac effects
  • Effects on sleep, memory and learning
  • Other types of cancer and tumor cell proliferation.

Only for prevention it is convenient to conduct a survey of Electro-Magnetic Fields in your place of work to know what measures to adopt for the good of our health and that of the workers, since the number of cases of diseases is increasing in places of work produced by the exhibition for a long period of time to these Electromagnetic Fields
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