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Artificial Radiation

Artificial Radiation
Technology has completely changed our lives, they bring us many comforts and advantages but it also presents negative aspects.
Indeed, the technological revolution of the last decades has transformed our environment. The benefits that electricity and communications offer us are indisputable, but we must be aware of the main drawback they have, radiation.

The radiations or electromagnetic fields (EMF) produced in an artificial way can be grouped according to the frequency:
  • Low frequency. It is mainly generated by electrical transformation and distribution systems, faulty installations without adequate grounding or appliances that are used close to the body and for a prolonged period.
  • High frequency: It is produced by telecommunication systems and antennas or by wifi devices, mobile or wireless telephones and microwaves.

It is evident that the longer we are in the presence of electromagnetic fields, the more serious the affectation can be. For this reason it is important to protect ourselves from radiation in spaces where we spend more time, that is, in our home and in our workplace.

The first step is to study the intensity of electromagnetic fields in your habitat, to identify the origin of the radiation and determine its characteristics, since the effects of exposure depend on the frequency of the radiation and the intensity of the field.

Secondly, the necessary corrective measures must be adopted, which will basically depend on the origin of the radiation:
  • External sources. They are low voltage lines or antennas that do not comply with the minimum required distance, transformers of the electric companies located in the streets, electrified train lines, radio and TV stations of modulated amplitude, mobile phone antennas, WiFi, WIMAX, etc. As it is not in our hands to be able to influence these sources, the possible solutions are to reduce the radiation with shielded elements (Painting, special fabrics, ...)
  • Interior sources. They can be faulty electrical installations, non-existent or poorly installed grounding, insufficient or poorly protected wiring, electrical appliances with a high magnetic field, WiFi routers and appliances such as radio-alarm clocks, cordless home phones, baby-monitor devices or computer monitors. Given these radiations, we can act with measures such as correcting the defects of the facilities and eliminating or limiting the use of equipment that generates radiation.
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