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GEA training
The Association of Geobiological Studies GEA, has a trajectory of almost 30 years making a continuous work of training in the multiple areas covered by Geobiology and Biohabitability, in the global context of Health and Habitat.

The training in Geobiology and Biohabitability of GEA aims to train professionals with criteria and work methodologies unified and internationally recognized.

The GEA training provides a structure and a rigorous content based on the methodology and material offered to GEA by the collaboration agreement with the Hartmann Institute -Forschungskreis für Geobiologie Dr. Hartmann.
GEA training
Who is it for?
The GEA training is aimed at anyone with concerns for the health and well-being of people .
The syllabus and methodology used do not require specific training or previous experience.
Among those attending the courses we find very diverse professions such as architects, engineers, doctors, builders, etc. This diversity makes training very enriching because of the contributions made by these professionals, related to their fields of action.
The GEA Training provides complete and detailed knowledge in Geobiology and Biohabitability. The practical methodology provides the necessary experience in the different areas of training.

Once the training is finished, the students get an accreditation that enables them to carry out geo-accommodation projects of any kind or scope
The approximate duration of the training is 2 years and is structured in 7 weekend seminars (Friday to Sunday).

The seminars are held in locations with appropriate characteristics for geobiological prospecting and recognized by the Association of Geobiological Studies GEA. The locations offer accommodation possibilities.
Structure and Methodology
The GEA courses are structured in 3 differentiated blocks each consisting of 3 seminars.
1 - Initiation
Study of the bases of Geobiology, Dowsing, Bioconstruction and Biohabitability.
Realization of numerous practices of handling of the radiesthetic instruments, of perception through personal sensitivity and of equipment of measurement of CEM.
We also work with drawing techniques.
2 - Professionalization
Deepening the knowledge of artificial environmental radiation (low and high frequency EMF)
Advanced use of measuring instruments and interpretation of results.
Realization of a large number of prospections in different environments guided by the experts.
3 - Certification
Final evaluation to obtain the Professional Aptitude certificate.
The Professional Aptitude Modules are specific seminars to deepen and evaluate the three basic areas of geobiological practice:
• Dowsing MAP.
• MAP of CEM and Meters.
• MAP of Applied Geobiology.
To be able to maintain the GEA certification and be able to be part of the list of accredited prospectors, the regular attendance of the continuous training (MAP's and workshops) will be required.
Annual fee: € 250 per session
Next course starts October 2018
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