Carlos Sánchez: Holistic Therapist
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What is quantum kinesiology?
Quantum Kinesiology is an excellent simple technique for evaluating health or disequilibrium states of living beings.
Through the workshop we will be able to learn to test, there are different ways and each one will use the way that is easiest for them to apply pendulum, rods, biotensive.
In the development of the talk we will focus on emotions. Once we have identified the emotions, we will learn through magnets to make energetic corrections.
The objective is to be able to apply this tool to release emotions.
☑️ introduction.
☑️ goals.
☑️ what is an energy correction?
☑️ how do I communicate with my subconscious?
☑️ quantum kinesiology, different ways of testing information.
☑️ sheets and tables to search for blocked emotions.
☑️ How do we release emotions?
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