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What is Biohabitability?

The concept of Biohabitability indicates the health of our habitat
With a geobiological prospecting we can become aware of the level of energy hygiene to which we are exposed, evaluating the different risk factors for health derived from the habitat, detecting the existence of telluric and geophysical alterations using systems of personal sensitivity (radiesthesia), as well as performing the environmental measurements of the levels of radioactivity to which we are exposed, of the electromagnetic, electric, microwave, ...

With these measurements it is possible to determine the existence of altered or altering areas and mainly to determine the most optimal zones to locate the rooms of our habitat, making reference to all those parameters that are necessary for a house to be healthy for the health of its inhabitants and for the environment, and meets the basic criteria of biohabitability.

These criteria are based on the risk factors studied and verified by Geobiology and the difference in:
  • NATURAL FACTORS: Teluric and Geophysical Alterations, Hartmann Lines, Curry Lines, Vortexes or Cosmotelluric Chimneys, Radioactivity and Radon Gas and
  • ARTIFICIAL FACTORS: Electrical and Electromagnetic Contamination, High Frequency, Mobile Telephony and Wireless Networks, Air Quality or Habitat Chemistry, Lighting.

Thus, in the context of designing a healthy home, Geobiology is not only concerned with finding a good location for construction, but also with the nature and quality of the materials and technical facilities used, being a great advance from the beginning. point of view of preventive medicine and opening wide horizons in the search for optimal global health.
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